[LBT] Add Portfolio TITLE underneath featured pic for associated Portfolio ITEM displayed on home page
For more viewer-friendly display in Portfolio section of Home page Layout#1, please add the following:
1. Display the Portfolio ITEM NAME underneath the Featured pic for the associated Portfolio ITEM displayed on Ho
me page? (This will make it obvious to viewers what the picture represents.) Currently, user must hover over the Featured pic and click on the hourglass (which displays a larger version of the featured pic as well as the Portfolio Item Name - not very useful or intuitively obvious for viewer to access). It would be much nicer for overall presentation and usability to just display the Portfolio Item Name under its featured pic.

2) Make the Portfolio ITEM NAME (as well the item's featured pic) clickable to access Portfolio details page - so user won't have to hover over the Featured pic and click on the link-chain-icon to access that Portfolio Item's details, pic slideshow, etc.

Portfolio section display on Home page layout#1 would be more user-friendly and consistent with design/usability of Team section if these design suggestions above could be implemented.
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2nd March 2016
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