[LBT] Cannot eliminate mention of Comments on Blog Posts
This issue was raised in Ticket#XGR-433-22964:
How do we eliminate any mention of Comments within Blog Post articles and News summary pages on our clients' websites? Once we have turned OFF all Discussion comments, trackbacks & pingbacks, Blog posts and summaries show NOT show "No Comments" (upper right) and "Comments are closed" (lower left).

See the following link for proof of the issue and how Discussion Settings for each blog post (in Edit Post > Discussion ) and Default Article Settings for the entire website (at Settings > Discussion Settings > Default Article Settings) at turned OFF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4y5baeud87ilgvo/%5BLBT%2C%20layout%231%5D%20Cannot%20eliminate%20mention%20of%20Comments%20on%20Blog%20Posts.jpg?dl=0

It is very confusing to my clients as well as their customers & prospects viewing the website to see Blog (News) posts & summaries display "No Comments" and "Comments are closed" when all Discussion settings are turned OFF. My clients keep asking me, "Why does it mention Comments when we don't want anyone to Comments on our News section?" And they are concerned about confusion for their own customers wondering why they cannot comment on the News section - since there is mention of "No Comments".

So please fix it so there is no mention anywhere of "Comments" when all global & individual Blog post Discussion settings are turned OFF.
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4th March 2016
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