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Feature Suggestions For Analytic Call Tracking SaaS.
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Example: text JoinUs to [twilio number]
when they text that, then they receive a message like this:

"Awesome. To Join us visit this mobile friendly url: [url here]"

Then like xx minutes later, we determine that in the flow setup, send a question:

"Was you able to join yet? - Reply Y for Yes; N for No; X for not finished"
If they reply Y then reply with this message:
"Amazing! We are very happy to have you join us. You should have received an email then, with pertinent details of things we need... blah blah...";

if they reply N then reply with this message:
"Was there an issue? If so, or you need help, please reach out to our support team... or sales team or whateveer... blah blah..."

and if they reply X then we reply with this:
"Okay, we'll ask again later. If you need help, please contact us here xxxxxx blah blah"
and allow it to go back to the beginning like xx minutes later, or xx hours later, or xx days later...

so that way we can use the Call Tracking system to also carry on conversations with SMS. more
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The Call Tracking App should allow users to receive the SMS to their Tracking Number and allow them to send SMS via their Tracking Number.
Vinny M 
This is already implemented. Make sure the SMS Handler URL is set to use ACT, then in the dashboard you can find the SMS Inbox. To start an SMS with a number, click on the call record, and you can type in the SMS box.
I receive a lot of calls. I only care about calls beyond 4 or 6 minutes. The current limit of 2 minutes sends me tons of calls. Can we have an offer for 4 and 6 minutes or ideally be able to adjust the time ourselves for email notification. We have that ability in reporting already just not auto notifications. more
Allow each contact list to have a unique keyword for SMS opt-in purposes. Currently the system is programmed to only allow 1 keyword per telephone number requiring you to use a different phone number for every contact list you need SMS opt-in capabilities on. This would match other text messaging platforms that allow for many different keywords and contact lists for 1 telephone number. more
Would be really cool to have option to increase playback speed of call recordings to help increase efficiency when needing to listen to calls for various things.
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