Keyword Tracking for Every Page Not Just the Landing Page
Keyword tracking has been a feature in ACT for quite some time allowing you to have a pool of phone numbers which sets a unique phone number to a keyword. When the web user lands on the landing page this unique phone number is shown, however, if the web user clicks on another page, the default number is shown instead of the unique phone number from the pool that's mapped to a keyword. This feature would make it so that the unique number would be stored in a session cookie and would be shown on any page the user visits. If you think this is a needed feature then please vote it up! If you would like for this feature to include certain parameters or filters then please add a detailed description in the comment.
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Ben Pate
shared this idea
10th May 2017
Vinny M · responded · 3 months ago
Vinny M · responded · 24th August 2017
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3rd September 2017
Oh my goodness I hope you guys implement this!! This would allow for so much tighter control over tracking, especially with large business sites with numerous sources of paid traffic and where the conversions rarely happen on the first page they land on.

We need this REALLY bad for a few of our clients. I wish I could give this all my votes lol:-)

You guys rock for adding the other feature I requested for user ability to pull all company calls in one report.....thank you!!!
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