Add Form Widget to Allow Embedding Audits from Other Web Pages
if I could make a suggestion then it would be nice to have the option to place the form code as a widget so people can place it where they want, in the sidebar or footer of their websites and on their own landing page. <br>
I've seen other similar softwares allow this (not PPC ones) but local marketing reports for online directories, citations, etc.

Aside from having more control over the page the testimonials at the bottom of the page aren't all the relevant and the date is wrong (it says 2014 still).

The testimonials discuss the software, not the report which is what is important. People don't care about "cool software". They care about the money they are losing from having a poorly optimized Adwords campaign so that is what the focus needs to be on.
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Nat Green
shared this idea
25th May 2017
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