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First, let me say that your developer is GREAT. Having more data points is great. But what's Not so great is if the points are added in columns that used to be a different point in the previous version.
This is because I am saving subsequent reports in their own file but also adding them all together into a combined file with all the cities for the same niche. When the data columns are different it creates a mess.
Couldn't the newly added points be added to the end of the table where they would replace previous columns? Notice that "Owner Verified" used to be column "AK." Now it is "AN." If I want to continue adding results to make one big combined file with everybody in the same niche, the columns would become confused. Then I can no longer sort by phone, or verified, or email because they will be in different columns.
Couldn't the newer columns be added at the end (the end of a row of columns) where they wouldn't interfere with the previous version data points ? I hope I have explained the problem clearly enough and you don't think It's just me being retentive. I'm sure it will be raised by others once they are actively using the service.
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It'd be nice to be able to select multiple locations at once and get all the results with a single click rather than have to handle each location one at a time.
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