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In fact that will be a feature that no other tool on the market has and it will shift video marketing to the next level. I have 30 Youtube accounts which I use to boost videos that link back to my Youtube video (money object). I need to load the article into the best spinner and upload each video individually to each account.

Imagine having a wizard where I can upload the 30 videos and point to the 30 Youtube accounts plus adding the video's title and description in Spintax format. Then, the tool will go ahead and submit video (1) to account (1), video (2) to account (2), and so on. For each submission, the title and description will be a spun version of the text uploaded.

Even more, imagine having 30 videos that target local niches (Pay per Click Affiliate program) and target 30 small cities. With such a feature, I can submit the 30 videos to Youtube in 5 minutes. I am pretty sure that everyone will thank you for this feature and I am ready to pay for it $1000 per month.

Thanks in advance,
Asem more
It'd be great if a 6th parameter on the line that is used to import accounts will be add for specifying the (pre-exisitng) campaign they need to be associated with.
If the parameter is missing, o
r the campaign does not exist, the behavior will be what it is currently.

Having this implemented will greatly help when creating clusters of accounts and avoiding the manual association to campaigns that happens today after the import. more
Hi Ryan,

A lot of software will integrate through the API Key with BackLinks Indexer. Here's the URL:

It will build backlinks and index the submissions.

It would be nice if you could integrate this with SyndWire so each of the links we build get indexed and additional backlinks built to them.

Dave more
Or campaign groups or sub groups
This is so when you have a campaign you can go in,
select the inverse and save as a new campaign minus the ones in the other campaign
would be fast for campaign creation without duplicates
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