Add more options to RSS Feature - Randomization, Filters and more
And I also wanted to ask if you can add a little bit more control for the RSS feature. So let's say I add the RSS Feed of Mashable or a site that is as big as mashable. These sites post like 50 posts per day and so all the connected profiles would post 50 times each day as well.

So maybe you could add the option to change the way it pulls from the feed. So let's say I just want to post 1-2 articles from that feed per day or every 8 or 12 hours. You know what I mean. This way we do not spam the living hell out of all the profiles when the RSS site posts tens or hundreds of posts each day.
Basically a limit or filter with more control for the RSS feature.

So for this RSS Feed I only want to pull the latest post (only 1) every 8 hours or every 12 hours and then post this post to my campaigns accounts.
This would give us more control over the whole feature and not just post all posts that the RSS site publishes to all connected profiles.

And I think that is were the whole randomization fits in nicely. We need to randomize it a little bit. So let's say I have setup my RSS feature with the new filters - then it should also not post the same RSS posts to all of the connected accounts. But it should randomly post to a couple of them. Just to mix it up. Otherwise all connected accounts have the same posts - big footprint.
And that is a big no no.

So in the end this long post asks for the following:
- make it possible to select campaigns when adding a new RSS Feed rather than manually select each profile of a specific campaign.
- randomize feature to not always post all the RSS posts to all connected accounts - looks fishy and spammy - needs to go quickly.
- add more filters to grab specific amount (or amount range might be even better) of RSS posts every X hours (X should be set by us) and then post them with the randomize option to a random number of connected accounts.

I think all these features are a must in order to make full use of the RSS feature.

If someone wants to add more ideas feel free to use the comments.

Thanks for listening guys and I hope I see some of the features soon.

Best regards,
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21st August 2014
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26th July 2015
Yes this feature is ESSENTIAL. I am fed up having my social accounts banned because Syndwire doesn't offer this basic feature.

PLEASE add it ASAP!!
23rd March 2015
A throttle is needed for RSS feeds. I added a feed to my network and the A-holes on the industry related feed literally sent out 100+ pieces of content in 24 hours.

This blew up my network and I lost my ranki
ngs and my sites got deleted!

There needs to be a way to control/limit/schedule when and how many feeds you'll accept from a specific RSS!
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22nd February 2015
Yes I agree, I had THOUSANDS of posts go out in one day, it got a LOT of my accounts closed because of this.

Another option that would be nice with the RSS, is a checkbox to "Link to the Article". R
ight now I setup an RSS feed to one of my blogs. The idea was to auto generate some links to my site. To my surprise there is no actual link back to the website... Just the article...

Perhaps I can fix this on my RSS but still, people may not have full control of their RSS info to link back...
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Mike Simmons
10th February 2015
Yes, I can't recommend Syndwire right now, as the ability to use RSS feeds in a useable way is very much a deal breaker--I may have refunded if I had looked a little earlier at this...even the non-ability of using campaigns with RSS feeds is very big concern for me.
3rd February 2015
I completely agree with this feature request. I had nearly 4000 posts go to a group of my accounts because there was no way to control the level of posts per day. I did not realise this until too late... At least a ";limit per day" type filter - otherwise things get messy very quickly.

A separate feature request as this would be Syndwire-Wide, but a grouping feature for accounts (aside from campaign) - I mean like so you could group niche subjects or themed accounts and still create more than one campaign to these accounts - would also go a long way and integrate nicely with this RSS request.
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17th December 2014

Great ideas. Basically, this is the one big thing that I believe needs attention from Syndwire. Even something as simple as a "hold" setting to allow us to go in and verify the feed's post would go a long way to solving the spamming of sites via RSS feeds.
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