Poking Automation Toolkit Syndwire (auto-populate description and tags)
PAT doesn't provide an option for entering a ("real") description besides / in addition to the site URL and phone #; and doesn't give an option for setting the category or keyword tags. (Nor is there spintax available as far as I can tell.)

I realize that PAT's purpose in life is much less grand than Syndwire, but it sure would be nice if I could load up an actual description with a light bit of embedded spintax together with spintax-enabled tagging.

PAT does a great job of creating spun video from a source vid ... now if would let us input descriptions and tags that'd help a LOT toward making the vids look natural to YT's eyes. (Sure, any human who sees ~50-100 s"light" variations of a source video as being the totality of content for a particular YT user / channel ... would not be fooled in the slightest. But we're wanting the YT and Google bots to have the idea that we're legit and hence rank us -- as opposed to a hard-nose human doing a manual review.)

This seems like a fairly modest feature upgrade request....? (Maybe the spintax would be more difficult; I dunno. But you've already done a bit of this for the PAT spinner in Google Sheets so hopefully not.)

And ... VERY related... something that can go into >existing< YT account vids and update the description and tag fields (as per above notes).

I just got done creating / posting a bunch of variant vids via the Poking Automation Toolkit, but the "meat" of the description field and the tags areas are totally blank. Even if a viewer was not caring about the fact that the vids are small variants of the same base video they would notice immediately that there's no description text.

Going back to all the hundreds of videos I just got done creating / posting to update their description fields and tags -- by hand -- is not a task I would care to do... It would be tedious work even for a VA, and no reason for it since it "seems" like something very automate-able...

What say?
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2nd September 2016
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