Drip Feature for Blog Posts
Please add drip feature for blog posts

I have 2 concerns and I already contacted chat support and found out that these have not been implemented yet:

1. There are 50 accounts in ONE CAMPAIGN, one article with one link on it, and if we schedule a blog post on that specific campaign, we are hoping that those will be posted on a different time / day and NOT be scheduled to be posted at the same time with only seconds or minutes' gap. What it can do is to divide those accounts when posting blog posts. Maybe 10 accounts today, then 10 the next day and so on.

2. Spintax - please allow/implement spinning links on a blog posts. Example: <a href="{link1|link2|link3}">click here</a>

Hope you'll take this into consideration.

Thank you.
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8th August 2018
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